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The Basics of Your Cuddle Business

For a successful business to run, it is one part inspiration, one part tenacity and one part implementation. Most new entrepreneurs have the drive and the dedication to start a business but do not the basics of how to actually run a business.

Cash flow? Profit and Loss statements? Insurance? Federal Employment numbers? What are those? They are the lifeblood of your company. No matter how great an idea you have, if you don’t pay attention to your cash the train will stop before it leaves the station.

In this webinar, Business Consultant Robert Kandell will share with you the basics of what you need to start, maintain and expand your business. Come with your questions as a significant amount of time will be allocated for them.

Industry Leaders Panel

Talk shop with some of the leading experts in our industry!

Join these influential pioneers of the professional cuddling industry as they  share their unique perspective, talk about their practices, and address the challenges & goals of the work.

Panel of Experts: Samantha Hess, Madelon Guinazzo, Janet Trevino, Fei Wyatt   Moderator: Keeley Shoup

The Wheel of Consent for Cuddle Professionals

Permission is only one form of consent, and not always the right kind!

Do you know that situation in which your client wants to touch you, and it’s not really clear whether it’s for you or for them? Or when they say it’s for you, but it sure doesn’t feel like it? What’s the difference?

The Wheel of Consent answers these questions and many more. It’s a model of human interaction based on touch, but including non-touch interactions as well. It makes a distinction between “Who is doing” and “Who is it for”, creating four different combinations, each of which has something to teach us (and its ways to challenge us). We’ll explore how touching for one’s own pleasure can liberate, heal, and develop the quality of presence in our touch.


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